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Westford Sports exists to develop a sporting culture for the young generation. To bud in them a love for sports, to help them discover their strengths and to apply the values of sportsmanship in their everyday life. For we believe playing the game is a unique way to be actively engaged, while reaping its benefits.

Our programs are activity-based and are mentored by a team of dedicated professional trainers and coaches for each sport, giving the children the best shot at taking up the game seriously.

The Greater Sport

Indulging into sports can be a life changer.

What’s the best that can happen?

We may be unlocking a whole new avenue of possibilities for the super-talented, giving them the right direction towards a professional sports career.

And what for the others?

They get to discover the everlasting charm of sports – the fun, healthy benefits, engagement, team play, spirit of the game…the list goes on.

Sports is a win-win cause, no matter the game or style of it.

Venues & Facilities

We currently have multiple venues across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Northern Emirates. Our programs are associated with schools and their facilities. We also serve individuals, groups, sports operators and corporate initiatives interested in being part of this sports movement.
Organize and conduct sports activities in coordination with schools managements.
Organize summer camp combining all sports activities for children.