Westford Sports Management General information

We are specialized sports services & recreation facilities Management Company providing a complete solution to our clients by providing technical support, staff supports and Management services.

Project Consultancy

We provides investors with analyses of new and existing projects, defines the facility’s concept, evaluate the layout, operational & technical requirements and investment projections. In addition, complete technical assistance and advice for project management.

Contracts & Licensing

  • Agreement on Commercial Lease of sports facility to operate ( private and Government Institutes)
  • Agreement on commercial terms on sub-contractor service for sports facility.
  • Advise and obtain specialized Insurance policies

Design & Layout Analysis

  •  Create an ambience for sports and recreation
  • Design effective and perfect layout for sports facilities
  •  Analysis and advise on safety norms
  • Technical advice for contractors and consultants on sports facilities

Business Plans & Proposals

  • Prepare Technical & Commercial Proposals
  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • Feasibility studies & Financial Forecasts

Inspection & Commissioning

  • Conducting risk assessment and risk management for intuitions and sports facilities
  • Conduct and document safety checks.
  • Facility takeover and handover procedure

Membership Management

  • Membership orientation
  • Monitor member progress and advise
  • Access control
  • Encourage participation

Event Management

  • Organizing corporate events, sports activities and competitions.
  • Organizing community events and sports activities.
  • Organizing and conducting seminars on fitness ,Sports and healthy living
  • Organizing and conducting competitions for School and colleges
  • Periodical Events for members

Marketing & Customer Service

  • Sales Promotions and campaigns
  • Customer surveys, feedbacks and reports
  • Handling of customer complains
  • Identifying and introducing new trends in the market

Office Service

  • Operations Service
  • Accounting & IT service
  • Procurement service
  • Human Resource & Admin Service

Our Clients